MDF and Plywood Materials for Skirting

Having to choose a design that can fit well with your skirting board is not easy, particularly because there are so many designs out there. It is so difficult because each material has its own pros and cons. MDF is used in almost all the skirting.

What is MDF and why use it?

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. This manmade material that is often found in furniture for your home, is manufactured using wood fibers that are gathered from softwoods and hardwoods that have been broken down into fine particles. High temperatures are and pressures are then applied and combined with waxes and resin to bind the wood fibers together to make an MDF skirting board.

When it comes to skirting, MDF material is highly recommended because of the following reasons:

· It is so cheaper than any other material used for skirting.

· MDF is made to generally stay as long as the property is used within.

· The fact that the surface of MDF is so smooth makes the final paint smooth also.

· MDF does not expand and contract like wood.

· MDF is very consistent throughout which makes the cut edges to be smooth and won’t have voids.

Disadvantages of MDF

· Just like the particle board, MDF skirting board soaks up a lot of water and other liquids like a sponge.

· It consists of fine particles that make it unable to hold screws very well.

· It’s so dense which makes it so difficult to work with.

· You should be careful when cutting and sanding because MDF contains VOCs which are toxic when inhaled.

What is plywood?

This is a manufactured wood product made by pressing and binding sheets of wood veneer into one single solid piece. The higher grades of plywood are so pretty and smooth. They come in different thicknesses and different grades.

Advantages of plywood

· Since it’s made from multiple layers of wood, it’s a very strong material to work with.

· Doesn’t soak up water and other liquids as easily as MDF.

· It carries a grain which makes it to be easily stained and hence very good for cabinets.

· It holds screws very tightly because the varying grains of wood on each layer provide the screw with something to hold onto.

Disadvantages of plywood

· Plywood is more expensive than MDF because of the higher grades.

· It’s so hard to get a totally smooth cut with plywood.

· It’s very difficult to cult detailed designs into plywood since the edges will splinter.